Spec Tires for the upcoming 2012 ROAR Electric Off-Road Championship

July 29, 2012
The following tires will be available for sale to racers attending the upcoming "Super Nationals" in the stock classes. These tires will be available at discounted prices only from the hobby shop at the track, which will help to support this and other great facilities now and in the future when it comes to their desire to host ROAR events. As these are products that the racers would need to purchase anyway, buying them from the host facility at competitive discount prices means you don't have to pack your own tires and you can help support the host. ROAR and especially the host facility appreciates your understanding and support. As was the case last year, there were not enough factory teams that would agree to spec tires in the modified classes, so in those classes, tire choice is open. The Spec tires will be specially marked for the event, ensuring that all competitors are using the same compound tires. Spec tires from J Concepts 2WD Buggy - 3016 Bar Code Rear $10.99; 3017 Bar Code Front $10.49 4WD Buggy - 3016 Bar Code Rear $10.99; 3020 Bar Code Front $ $10.49 2WD Racing Truck - 3021 Bar Code (2.2-inch wheel, F/R) $15.49 2WD Short Course Truck - 3044 Bar Code (F/R) - $17.49

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