New Motor Approval List

March 10, 2013
Welcome to the new Motor Approval section of the forum. This is intended to replace the motor list that currently resides on the ROAR website. This new section adds to the existing list, a number of new motors are are approved based on their arrival date, as confirmed by shipper tracking data. Over time, the list on will be transferred to the forum list, which will eventually be the sole source of motor approval information. In the forum you'll find new motors that have been approved over the last month, with more detail than ever before, making the process more open and useful. You'll find the date of approval, tracking data, inspection status, Availability Check status, and Executive Committee Approval status. You will also find detailed photos of the motor's components, which will be used by the tech staff at ROAR National events for component verification, and are visible by the public for their own reference. The whole process is designed to be more open and informative, giving ROAR officials, Affiliated track owners, and ROAR members more data and a more open process of approval of the motors our members use in ROAR sanctioned racing endeavors. It's our hope that this information will speed the tech process and give affiliated tracks and organizations the resources to more easily determine compliance, to keep the playing field (especially in the Spec classes) as level as possible. Please let ROAR know if you have any suggestions to make this and other future product approval sections of the site more useful for their intended purposes. We hope you enjoy these new sections and find them useful in preparing for any one of the many prestigious ROAR National Championships and regional events. The new motor approval section of the forums is visible to all website visitors HERE. The ROAR Staff Please note that the information and images hosted in the forum and throughout the ROAR website are protected by copyright law and may not be copied and/or reproduced for any purpose. Use of information and/or images is at the sole discretion of ROAR, and may only be used with the expressed, written consent of the ROAR Executive Committee. İROAR, Inc. 2013

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