1/10 Buggy Off Road Tire

July 21, 2014
A recent innovation in the 1/10 off-road buggy tire market, currently under consideration by ROAR for the 2015 racing season, is the evolution of the tire mounting bead to one resembling that of typical 1/8 tires, and new wheels to accommodate the…

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ROAR Sanctioning Director opening

July 8, 2014
With the pending departure of our current sanctioning director ROAR will have an opening on our executive committee. Please direct any inquiries regarding the position to Below is the job description for the sanctioning…

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ROAR Paved On-Road Nationals Signups

July 3, 2014
The time is drawing near for the running of the ROAR Paved On-Road Nationals and there is a very low number of early entries. ROAR would like nothing more than to see all the classes filled with participants, but there's a growing concern that there may…

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Fuel On Road Rules update

June 26, 2014
Scale/Class Race length: Qualifiers Race length: A Mains Race Length: Other Mains 1/12 Electric on-road 8 minutes 8 minutes (see Note) 8 minutes 1/12 Electric Oval 4 minutes 4 minutes 4 minutes 1/10 Electric Oval 4 minutes 4 minutes 4…

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ROAR Ruling on traction control devices

June 19, 2014
The ROAR Executive Committee has decided on a 5 year Suspension from ROAR events for any infractions of rule 5.2.3 The use of traction control sensing devices, active suspension devices, and steering control devices aided by gyroscopes or accelerometers…

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