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2015 Worlds Races

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IFMAR World Championships 1/10 Electric Off Road
Dates: October 3rd - 10th, 2015
Block: FEMCA
Location: Yatabe Arena - Tsuuba City, Japan
2wd Qualified Drivers
4wd Qualified Drivers
ROAR Worlds Team

IFMAR World Championships 1/8 IC Track
Dates: November 12th - 22nd, 2015
Block: FAMAR
Location: Americana City, Brazil
Qualified Drivers
ROAR Worlds Team

IFMAR World Championships 5th Large Scale
Dates: September 4th - 12th, 2014
Block: FEMCA
Location: Kuala Lumpor, Malasia

2016 Worlds Races

IFMAR World Championships 8th Fuel Off Road
Dates: TBD
Block: ROAR
Location: RC Tracks of Las Vegas

General IFMAR-related Announcements

Alternate Driver Request

To request an Alternate Driver invitation: As stated in the ROAR rule book under the Worlds section, email a resume of racing experience to ROAR. Should your qualifications be accepted, you will receive an invitation to the event you request. Your entry fee and membership status must be paid immediately and upon the deadline date, your status will be updated as a team driver in the order of receipt of current status and paid entry AFTER qualified drivers paid applications are received.

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