ROAR Region 2 Onroad Championship Series

April 21, 2013
This year ROAR Region 2 will be holding a three race series to crown a ROAR Region 2 Asphalt Champion. This series will be a best two out of three races. Those who attend all three races will get a two point bonus. A bonus point will be given to TQ in each class. There will be three rounds of qualifying with triple A mains to determine the winner. ROAR Membership is required to compete in these races. You can purchase a ROAR membership at any of the series races ($15 for a day membership or $25 for a year membership). Entry Fees: $20 for first class, $10 for each additional class Classes we will run: 17.5 touring - Roar rules, Spec tire per track Mod touring - Roar rules, Spec tire per track F1 - silver can motor or 21.5 Vta- 1550 grams, HPI tires, approved bodies, 25.5 motor Mini Cooper- silver can motor, 1250 grams World gt- 13.5 First race: Debbie's RC World 1828 South Military Hwy. Chesapeake, Va. May 18th Track opens at 9 am registration starts at 10:30 Racing starts at noon Spec tire for touring car classes Sweep OG's Debbie's will also have a 10th nitro class, 1.2 engines, 200 mm bodies. Class will have one 20 min. A main and 10 min B main Race two: Jackson Raceway 2 Solar Ave. Jackson, NJ June 22 Track opens at 8 am Registration starts at 10:30 Racing to start at noon Spec Tire for touring car classes will be Solaris Hard Race three: Middle River Hobbies 164 Carroll Island Rd. Middle River, Md 21220 July 20th Track opens at 9 am Registration starts at 10:00 am Racing to start at noon Spec tire for touring car classes will be Sweep OG's Awards will be handout at the end of race 3. Sponsors for the series: Awesomatix Gq tires Sweep tires

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